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I Was Involved in a Hit & Run. Do I Still Have a Case? 

G. Aldrich Law Aug. 29, 2022

Being involved in a car crash can be stressful enough, but a hit and run can feel absolutely devastating, especially if the other driver cannot be found after the crash. However, just because the driver who fled the scene of the accident cannot be found does not mean that you cannot obtain compensation. 

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident and wonder whether you can have a case, you might need to contact a car accident attorney for assistance. At G. Aldrich Law, we assist injured victims and their families with all types of car accidents, including hit and runs. Get in touch with our car accident attorney to understand how you should proceed with your case to get the compensation you need and deserve.  

From our offices in Woodland Hills and Lakeport, we proudly serve clients throughout the state of California, including Los Angeles County, Colusa County, Lake County, and other counties in Northern and Southern California.  

Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Hit & Run 

Understandably, being involved in a hit-and-run accident can be a disorienting and scary experience. Despite this whirlwind of emotions, it is essential to take certain steps after the crash to protect your right to seek compensation: 

  1. Write down everything you remember. If you were able to see any identifying features of the vehicle or driver before they fled the scene of the crash, immediately write down everything you remember, including the license plate number (or parts of it), the make, model, and color of the vehicle, and any identifying features of the driver (gender, hair color, age, etc.).  

  1. Report the accident. After a hit and run, it is vital to call 911 to report your accident. If you were hurt, request an ambulance. When the police arrive, provide all the information you have about the accident, fleeing vehicle, and driver. Keep a copy of the police report.  

  1. Seek medical attention. Getting medical attention and documenting your injuries are crucial. It is a good idea to see a doctor even if you think you were not injured. Some injuries may not be apparent immediately after the accident.  

  1. Contact an attorney. Before filing an insurance claim to obtain compensation, you may want to speak with an experienced attorney. An attorney will evaluate your situation and inform you of your legal rights. Your attorney will also help you navigate the insurance claims process to ensure that you are fairly compensated.  

Seeking Compensation After a Hit & Run in California 

Obtaining compensation after a hit-and-run accident can be challenging, especially if you are not aware of your legal rights and options. Some of the compensation options that may be available to victims of hit-and-run accidents in California include: 

  • Filing a claim with your own insurance company. This option is available to those who have uninsured motorist coverage on their car insurance plan. Collision coverage may also cover some of the damages incurred in a hit-and-run accident.  

  • Making a MedPay claim. If you have medical payments coverage, you could make a MedPay claim to cover some or all of your medical expenses.  

  • Tracking down the at-fault driver to file a third-party insurance claim. If the driver who fled the scene of your accident is located and found, you could file a claim against that driver’s insurance company.  

Unfortunately, the reality is that obtaining fair compensation after a hit and run is almost always difficult. If you are unsure how to seek compensation after a hit and run, talk to an attorney who can review your insurance policy and determine the compensation options available to you.  

What Evidence Do You Need for Your Hit & Run Case?  

An experienced attorney will advise you to gather as much evidence as possible to support your hit-and-run case and pursue the financial compensation you deserve. Depending on the facts of your case, the following types of evidence can be crucial to obtaining compensation:  

  • Testimony from witnesses 

  • Statements from accident reconstruction experts 

  • Photos from the scene of the crash 

  • Videos, including traffic and surveillance camera footage 

  • Medical records 

  • Documentation from work that proves the loss of income 

It is vital to start gathering evidence and building your case in the hours and days following the hit and run. Otherwise, some evidence may become unavailable, lost, damaged, or destroyed when not collected immediately.  

Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Hit & Run Case?  

You may feel confused, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. That is why you may need the legal assistance of an attorney to guide you through this difficult situation and help you pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.  

Hiring an attorney to help you with your hit-and-run case may also help you speed up your recovery. When you have an attorney on your side, you can devote your time and attention to your physical recovery, which may allow you to get back on your feet in a timely manner.  

Your hit-and-run attorney will help you meet deadlines in your personal injury case and respond to communications regarding your claim. An attorney will guide you through the insurance claims process to ease your stress and ensure that you receive the compensation you need.  

Personalized Legal Guidance You Can Trust 

Being a victim of a hit and run can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. At G. Aldrich Law, we represent accident victims and help them get the money they deserve. If you were involved in a hit and run in Lakeport or Woodland Hills, California, or neighboring areas, contact our law firm so we can help you understand your legal options and navigate the insurance claims process. Contact G. Aldrich Law now to get personalized legal attention.