Featured Case Results

M.C. v. Construction Vehicle

Practice Area: Car accident

Date: Apr 01, 2019

Dump truck made a u-turn in front of my client, causing a collision.

Settled $325,000.00

Estate of H. v. Defendant

Practice Area: Wrongful death

Date: Feb 22, 2018

Defendant, while intoxicated struck my clients' father as he was crossing the street on an outdoor vehicle, causing the father's passing.

Full Policy Limits $250,000.00

Case Results

Ames v. Talen

Practice Area: Car Accident

Date: Apr 2, 2020

Auto v. Auto case in Bay area where client was rear ended while in traffic


Cesario v. Ultima


P. v. D.


People v. Jane Doe


P. v. D.

Settled $27,500

People v. Doe

Dismissed on the first day of trial

People v. Jane Doe

Pled to an infraction for speeding. The hit and run was dismissed

People v. John Doe

All four cases dismissed

P. v. D.


Plaintiff v. Public Transportation company