George Aldrich

Principal Attorney
Attorney George Aldrich is dedicated to helping his clients recover with dignity. As a former Army veteran, George is driven to complete each mission (or case) his clients trust him with. He cares about collaborating with each client to understand what they need to get their life back on track, and navigating them through the legal processes to get there.

Karina Rodriguez

Karina is a new paralegal at G. Aldrich Law and brings with her incredible experience, knowledge, and passion for helping those in need. With our practice focused on personal injury law, Karina is able to help people by guiding them through the legal process of recovery and helping those who have been injured pick up the pieces and move forward.

Matt Zavala

Of Counsel Attorney
Matt practices in general civil litigation, and owns his own boutique law firm specializing in car accidents, slip and falls, etc. With his expertise, he provides exceptional counsel to clients of every kind. He strives to litigate all cases with integrity and the utmost professionalism. With Matt Zavala on our side, our clients can expect both compassion and aggressive representation.