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Personal Injury

With the services available from a personal injury attorney at G. Aldrich Law, individuals and families that are experiencing personal injuries or wrongful death have an opportunity to reach out and receive the help they greatly need.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Situations of personal injuries can cause individuals to experience major setbacks in their goals and tasks. They can have a deteriorating effect on families, as they can hold one back from going to work, school, training, or anything else that requires physical or mental effort. A personal injury attorney can help their client receive the kind of help they need in the toughest of times. In the case of the client not being able to work due to an injury or situation they should not be held liable for, the personal injury attorney will ensure that they receive the fairest and just treatment or compensation for the occurrence(s). This would include recovery for wages lost while the person recovers, medical bills for that recovery paid, and compensation for many other losses that keep building while the injured person recovers.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are many incidents that may require an individual or family to seek out a well-reputed personal injury attorney. Some examples of where these injuries can occur from include:

  • Vehicle and motorcycle accidents

  • Bicycle collisions

  • Worksite injuries

  • Collisions caused by drunk drivers or under the influence of any other drugs

  • Negligence of proper care or hospitality

  • Slipping and falling on public property

Although many personal injury incidents may not necessarily be anybody’s fault, many times people aren’t aware of the situations that might be. Not only are there short-term effects and consequences of personal injuries, as they are likely to cause the individual to make time for rest and recuperation, but many circumstances may even cause serious long-term consequences that may be far beyond repairable. A personal injury lawyer will be able to conduct the proper investigative procedures by collecting all of the information that pertains to the incident, from all instances of law and medical involvements, which can be great factors in guiding towards the direction of making a case for all of those who may have been affected.

Reliable Legal Services in Lakeport, CA

Our Lake County, CA personal injury attorneys are experienced in all levels of the law and are constantly striving to ensure that their clients are fully aware and informed of the situation at hand while being provided with the most viable options that are available to them. In the case an individual or family feel that they are victims of an injury situation, they should contact a Lake County, CA personal injury attorney to receive quotes, advice, and information in regards to the incident.