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Spinal Cord Injuries

lake county spinal cord injury

Spinal injuries commonly occur through wear and tear on a person’s back over many years, or through an accident or a faulty product. The residents of Lake County, CA who suffer a spinal injury can consult a local attorney experienced in accident and injury lawyer who can give advice about how best to go about claiming damages to cope with a life altered by a spinal injury.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Many accidents, including car accidents, boat accidents, as well as slip and fall accidents in the US can result in a spinal cord injury, which can alter the quality of life for the individual involved and make it impossible to live what they considered a normal life in the future. When the spinal cord, which passes messages from the brain to the body is damaged all aspects of life are affected. From the process of breathing through to sexual functioning, an injury to the spine can cause a large number of problems.

For those in Lake County, medical expenses can quickly build with trips to specialist spinal units in major metropolitan areas, such as the San Francisco Bay area. Other expenses can also build, such as the travel costs for family and friends to make their way to visit the injured person. These costs and the lost earnings of the injured party are usually covered by the damages awarded by a court of law when a claim is made with an injury attorney against the person deemed responsible for the injury taking place.

Do You Have a Claim to Compensation?

In most cases, the person responsible for the injury taking place is a driver who caused a car crash. Claims for a spinal injury are not limited to these people seen as directly responsible, in some car wrecks a manufacturer of a safety device could also be responsible for an injury occurring. For example, a seatbelt or airbag in a vehicle may have been faulty, resulting in the injuries sustained during an accident being worse than they should have been.

Reach Out to G. Aldrich Law

The first step in making a claim for a spinal injury is to contact an experienced spinal cord injury attorney for an evaluation of the accident and injuries suffered. Using years of experience the attorney will give an honest opinion on the chances of success if a claim is made through a court. In many cases, such as those where a medical procedure has involved a determination of where the blame for an injury lies can be made and a settlement often reached before a case reaches court. In other instances, a defendant may attempt to prove their innocence resulting in a court case and decision by a judge. Being represented by a qualified, experienced lawyer is the best option for reaching an acceptable monetary settlement. Contact our Lake County, CA injury attorneys for a free case evaluation.