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Front of car damaged after accident

Important Considerations After a Car Accident in California

G. Aldrich Law Nov. 8, 2022

People who are the victims of car accidents in the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere are not always certain as to how much impact it will have on their lives immediately after it occurs. Those who are lucky to not experience a loss of life will usually immediately go to receive some type of medical attention.

Going into the hospital by ambulance for emergency care is extremely expensive, especially in a rural area like Lake County, where many vehicle accidents will require an airlift or many miles of ambulance travel before you even get to the nearest hospital. Many people find that their health care provider does not cover the complete cost of their hospital stay and follow up appointments.

Ongoing therapy is often needed to help with walking and coordination skills. Relearning how to do those basic tasks can take several months. Consulting with an attorney is recommended when these medical bills, loss of wages and related expenses start mounting.

What to Expect After an Accident

It is common after an accident to have a longer period of recovery. This could be by staying in the hospital or going to several scheduled doctors’ appointments throughout the month. Therapy and reconstructive surgery are often needed for people who have received extensive injuries.

The responsible party or their legal representation often approach the person who received the personal injury. Avoid signing any paperwork or making statements that would limit their liability in the accident.

Seek Legal Counsel

Take time to send an online request for a complimentary consultation. Calling the law office is also another way to have a consultation scheduled. The information about the car accident is discussed in the strictest confidence. The lawyer will often request the events of the accident be written about or discussed in great detail and recorded. This information is used to study the accident to help support who is at fault.

Work with the personal injury lawyer to seek out monetary damages. The monetary amount that is just is not always understood by the ones who were injured. There often is no way to know currently how much money will be needed in the future as a result of the car accident. Getting back any lost or damaged property and paying for future medical bills is possible in many car accident cases.

Never assume that nothing can be done to help your personal injury case. Many people become discouraged if they listened to the person responsible or their legal representation who tries to offer them a check that will not solve their problems. Avoid signing any documentation without talking to a lawyer first. Having a lawyer to work on behalf of personal interests is invaluable when the physical body is hurt.

Use these tips when working through the details of a car accident with a personal injury attorney, or contact us for a free case evaluation if you have been injured anywhere in California.