Paralegal Karina Rodriguez Sitting in Office

I started as a new paralegal with Mr. Aldrich in early 2015 and have fallen in love with my job every day since. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with knowing you're doing everything in your power to help those that have been hurt, by no fault of their own, get to a place where they feel healed and ready to return to everyday life.

Growing up in the Greater Los Angeles Area as a First Generation Mexican American, I’ve learned that every person deserves attention dedicated to their language needs. As such, I pride myself in being fluent in Spanish, making the beginning of filling a claim to litigation easier for those clients with a language barrier. Being able to communicate, inform, and guide those that would otherwise not understand is my biggest accomplishment. Because of my background I am able to understand the needs and concerns of all the different people within this state. 

From auto accidents to slip and falls, there is always something new to learn every day. It is my job to understand what your feeling in order to help you recover. I am here to help find the right doctor, surgeon, physical therapist, or even the right auto body shop to put all the pieces back together.  My job is to help my clients get better. To help them find the doctors and medical attention that will put them where they were before the accident. I understand that every case is different, and every person hurt needs individual and care for their specific problems. I take pride that I can help each individual with their individual needs and help them do what they need to help put their life back together. 

While I might be helping our clients, they are also a learning source for me. Everyone’s needs reflect their circumstances. I become better equipped for our clients’ needs on a daily basis.

During my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my parents, older sister and brother, and my twin brother. We are huge fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and attend baseball games regularly. I also enjoy baking and cooking as well as trying new cuisines, with steakhouses being one of my favorites.  I enjoy trying new restaurants and breweries as often as possible. I especially enjoy going to different cities and towns and trying their local places and always welcome new recommendations.