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Bicycle Accidents

bicycle accidentAccidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, such accidents may cause death to victims or cause serious injury. If you have been injured, for example in a bicycle accident, you may be wondering whether you need to hire a lawyer to file a personal injury claim. If you happen to live in Lake County, CA, then you should have information on the benefits of hiring a San Fernando Valley injury attorney.

Whether you are riding down Main Street in Lakeport, or on the side of Hwy 20 in Lucerne, many drivers are unaware, and not paying attention to people and children on bicycles. Most people do not know that bicyclist have the same rules of the road as a motor vehicle. Because of this many injuries happen when an inattentive driver will sideswipe, bump or cut off a bicyclist. Unfortunately, a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle can cause very serious injuries. When, God forbid, this happens, the injured person needs the best legal advice possible.

Legal Advice

Most people do not know what is involved in personal injury law. An experienced personal injury lawyer does. If you hire such an attorney, they will be at your side at every stage of your case and they will offer legal advice on all crucial matters surrounding your claim. Whenever you have any concerns or questions, your attorney can advise you regarding the legal aspects of your claim and answer all your questions.

Damage Assessment

If you were in a bicycle accident, you may not know the worth of your case. One of the benefits of getting services of a personal injury attorney is determining the actual value of your claim. You may have suffered financial, psychological or physical damages that need to be assessed. Some of the damages that an attorney can help you calculate include:

  • Property damage

  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation expenses

  • Physical pain

  • Medical bills

  • Lost wages

  • Emotional suffering

  • Disability

Settlement Negotiation

Many personal injury cases do not end up in court for a trial. Instead, a settlement is offered outside the courtroom. You will need to negotiate with the responsible party and their insurance company if you are to come to a settlement agreement. On your own, you may not get a settlement that will meet your needs, when you hire an attorney, they will negotiate on your behalf and this will result with a significant improvement on the settlement amount. The same attorney can advise you whether or not to go to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

Stress Reduction

You will experience a lot less stress during the course of your case once you hire an attorney to handle your injury claim. The attorney will file all the necessary paperwork to file your claim, deal with insurance companies, gather evidence, locate witnesses and investigate the accident on your behalf. You can focus on making a full recovery of your injuries instead of worrying about your case.

As you can see, it is highly advisable to hire a Lake County, CA personal injury attorney. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can reduce the stress you are under, negotiate a fair settlement. Accurately assess your damages and offer legal advice. Contact us for a free case evaluation today!