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Boating Accidents

Securing the services of an experienced boating accident attorney is crucial in that specific knowledge and experience in this area of personal injury goes a very long way in getting the compensation you deserve. Not all types of personal injury cases can be neatly categorized; some will fall into more than one category. Ergo, most attorneys are able to handle any type of personal injury case that comes their way. Some will even specialize in certain areas. Out of the seven forms of personal injury accidents, the number one spot revolves around car accidents, boat accidents and injuries ranked number six.

Clearlake Boating

When an individual’s negligence leads to a boating accident, he or she driving the boat can be held liable for any resulting injuries. We tend to see a rash of boat injuries and other types of watercraft accidents during the months from June through September. However while the causes of those accidents remain varied, most times the fingers are pointed at inexperienced boat drivers who leave caution to the wind for not only their passengers but other boaters sharing the water around them

Clear Lake, located in Lake County, California is the largest wholly natural lake in the state and is one of the more popular lakes for boating, tubing and other personal watercraft like Jet Skis or Ski-Doos. On occasion, it seems like common sense goes out the door for some operators of boats and other watercraft types. With the warm sun beating down on top of the cool taste of adult beverages, responsibility is often left at the beach when it comes to safely operating boats and protecting passengers.

A personal injury attorney at G. Aldrich Law handles boat injuries and is well versed in California state law regarding same, is a person you need as your quarterback to cover all the bases. Especially when it comes to recreational boat operators who violate the law as it relates to reckless operation of a watercraft that results in great bodily harm or personal disability. It is also against the law in California to operate under the influence of alcohol or any other drug that may render the driver incapable of safely operating a watercraft.

Every year in lakes like Clear Lake in Northern California it’s easy to spot careless and reckless operation of all types of watercraft that often results in injury or death due to just two words: Driver Negligence! And in the course of a boating accident injury lawsuit, it has been found that most accidents stem from:

  • Lack of training

  • Intoxication

  • Poor judgment

  • Driving too fast for existing circumstances

  • Improper or old equipment

If you have been injured in a boating or other watercraft accident, contact our Lake County Boating Accident Lawyers for a free case evaluation.