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Truck Accidents

Filled with rolling hills, Lake County is renowned for its natural beauty. Those same steep hills and winding turns that create the stunning views which help make all of Clearlake Expressway a California Scenic Highway and make all of SR 20 and SR 29 beautiful roads to drive as they hug the shores of Clear Lake, however, create a situation ripe for devastating truck accidents.

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If you or a loved one are injured by a negligently maintained and operated truck, Attorney George Aldrich is here to guide your family through the complex insurance and legal system to get the maximum benefits that you are due. Large trucks carry hefty insurance policies; these same policies are issued by insurance companies who profit by NOT paying claims. Don’t accept the truck’s insurance company’s first offer to settle; you need the experienced George Aldrich & Associates team to ensure that the settlement is fair while protecting your rights.

Located right here in Lakeport, G. Aldrich Law knows the area best and has the local contacts with law enforcement and expert witnesses to ensure that all of the information needed to process your claim quickly and aggressively is available right at hand.

Attorneys for truck accidents in LAke County, CA

Lake County, CA Truck Accidents

Did you know that with numerous major State Routes crisscrossing the county instead of limited access freeways like I-5 and US 101, the opportunities for collisions between speeding trucks and automobiles are greatly increased in Lake County? Steep hills and heavy loads greatly lengthen braking distances for these big trucks. G. Aldrich Law will carefully document your accident scene and use their accident experts to calculate the speed of the truck and whether the truck was operating as it should be in accordance with California and Federal regulations.

Mechanics under your attorney’s direction will examine the police accident report, insurance forms, and if possible the truck itself to identify any maintenance causes or contributors to the accident. Poorly maintained trucks are taken out of service by the thousands every year by state and federal authorities. In 2013, the National Transportation Safety Board issued new safety recommendations for large straight trucks because of the grossly disproportionate number of passenger vehicle deaths and injuries resulting from collisions involving these trucks compared to the number of these vehicles on the road.

Pressing economic conditions to stress truck drivers, owners, and operators to defer needed maintenance and operate their trucks as aggressively as possible in order to maximize revenue to stay afloat, unfortunately too often it is innocent motorists simply driving to school, church, or work who suffer for their actions.

Big trucks are a hazard to innocent motorists anywhere. At G. Aldrich Law, we know how large trucks operate, how the insurance companies try to maximize their profits by refusing, delaying, and low-balling claims, and most importantly, how to get YOU and your family the settlement you deserve when you have been injured by one of the menaces of the road. Call George Aldrich today for your free consultation.